Capital Management

We're putting together a number of services and solutions to help corporates, brokers and banks to manage capitial, risk and compliance in the new regulatory landscape.

We haven't launched yet, but if you're interested in talking, email us at:
[email protected]

We're actively working with a number of firms to prioritise our offerings. Get in touch to be in the first group to benefit, today.

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Effective usage of treasury capacity is as essential as always. Knowing in real-time what the clearing costs of current and proposed trades are allows pro-active decision making about clearing options available

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Once, it was generally considered OK to have a single clearing member relationship of all your trades and positions. These days, even if you only need to clear on a single platform, it makes sense to hold multiple accounts with multiple members. Multple accounts, means you need tools to manage the positions to avoid needless overheads.

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We're building out integrated systems to support real-time decision making, cost control and ongoing portfolio management.

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